Club Car IQ/5K-0 Performance Street Package. For Club Car IQ (Including Precednet 2004 ) and 5K-0 Throttle carts. 1996 and newer (some 1993, 1994, and 1996 cars and all other series carts. Identifier = Silver Curtis controller with green and yellow throttle wires. Speeds up to 24 MPH (stock tire size). Up to 10% torque increase. Includes High Speed Admiral motor (MOT-A2), 400 Amp Alltrax controller (CON-XCT400IQ) which includes a universal mounting adapter, 1 Amp Diode (CON-030), Resistor precharge for 48V 200A solenoid (CON-033), and HD Solenoid (SOL-1021). Save money and take the guess work out of putting together the pefect package. Also recommend 4 gauge Battery Cable set (BAT-1019) and mounting kit to mount Alltrax controller (CON-XCTUM-IQ or CON-XCTUM-DS). Great deal on a group of great products.

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